Yldau de Boer (1993) is a Dutch actress, presenter and creator who lives in Amsterdam.

She¬†acted in various movies, like the feature film ‘STUK’, where se was playing one of the main characters, the short movie ‘UITGESPROKEN’ and had guest roles in ‘SWANENBURG’, #TAGGED, HUNTER STREET and the new web series ‘HITTE’.

in 2018, Yldau was one of presenters of the Road Trip Project, an initiative of the European Commission. Together with a team of 5 and a mini van, they toured around Europe to create content.

In June her own project premiered in Soho House Amsterdam. The short film ‘An Accidental Coincidence – Chapter Butterfly’ is written and produced by Yldau and she is starring in it as well. The short film is part a series of 3 so up on to the next.

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